Knowledge arranged in an orderly manner, especially the knowledge of the way in which one event causes another.

Science is actually a system of acquiring reliable knowledge that can be tested and verified by others. It deals with the systematic observation of the natural events to discover facts (using some form of scientific method) about them, and to formulate laws and principals accordingly.

It is also concerned with the meaning full orientation of the facts for comprehensive and useful understanding of the natural world and its phenomena.

The knowledge generated by such inquiry into the natural world and the universe, is continually expanding and opening multiple avenues for research and development, to get the most out of nature so as to enjoy the nature at its best, which is the ultimate goal of science.

Science is manifested through its innumerable discoveries and inventions. A few of the all time discoveries are:

Discovery of earth revolving around the sun

Discovery of microscope and microorganisms

Discovery of human anatomy

Discovery of anesthesia

Discovery of penicillin

Discovery of modern atomic theory

Discover of geological time scale

Newton’s laws of motion

 Discovery of genetics leading to the discovery of chromosomes, DNA, RNA, and mapping of human genome Inventions, such as Electricity, wheel and computer are some of the worth mentioning, all time achievements of science. Science  as an education and career has the follwing areas: