Philosophy Careers

Degree programs in  Philosophy instruct students in research, communications and critical thinking skills as well as knowledge of  philosophical systems.  Philosophy students are interested in questions of knowledge and understanding and may focus on fields such as analytics or the philosophy of religion.

Philosophy majors probably have the widest spectrum of jobs to choose from upon graduation. Here are some of the top jobs for philosophy majors.

  • Journalist
  • Critic
  • Professor
  • Editor
  • Writer

In order to pursue careers in philosophy, students almost always need to complete graduate degrees. Philosophy degree holders often work in academic fields, writing or journalism.


A majority of students who complete doctoral degrees in Philosophy plan to pursue careers in academic research and teaching. They may work for colleges and universities, teaching courses, advising students and, in most cases, publishing research.


Writers who have training in Philosophy might write freelance pieces for magazines. Writers use the written word to communicate ideas, stories and concepts to readers, who may be laypersons, experts in a specific area, hobbyists or recreational readers.


Journalists use different ways to inform readers, listeners and viewers about important issues and newsworthy stories. They may write stories for newspapers, magazines or online journals, or they might report stories for television or radio news broadcasts.  Some journalists work as columnists, writing regular opinion and commentary pieces for a specific publication.