Visual Arts Education

Welcome Shinning Stars of our bright future . We are here to guide our energetic upcoming artists related to visual arts academic fields.Students can select a major in a specific area,Such as photography, sculpture, painting, graphic design, illustration, animation or printmaking .Each program has separate courses that train you to become a proficient artist in the area of your choice.

Professional Qualification

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament”Oscar Wilde

From the very beginning, Artwork and artists has been always highly appreciated by people. With the passage of time trends towards arts education grew tremendously. Keeping in view the vast and fast expansion in the field of arts, many educational institutions started offering arts programs i.e. Art and Design Diplomas, Bachelor of applied arts and sciences, Bachelor of Design, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts, Ph.D. in Visual Studies and many other degree programs.