Ph.D in Visual Arts

Education helps to polish our skills and abilities, discover hidden talent and build confidence in achieving our goals. Man of the 21st century is striving for getting more and more knowledge at any cost because he knows the real worth of being educated. PhD is a degree for everyone who wants to prove their hidden talent and show the world real worth of their skills. Participants in the program will develop new methodologies in their respective fields.

Visual arts doctoral programs are rare, but many universities offer Ph.D. programs in visual studies. Visual studies students examine and interpret artworks of various media forms, including photography, painting, performance, sculpture, film and architecture. PhD in Visual arts is a 3-year program. Selected majors/areas of research for a PhD in Visual Arts include

  • Ceramics
  • Multimedia
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • ┬áSculpture
  • Textiles

Course Topics

Topics covered in the program may include:

  • Art history
  • Visual art theory
  • Film and media
  • Design

Learning outcomes

Visual arts PhD programs require that successful candidates for the degree demonstrate:

  • The ability to conduct independent research at a high level
  • Proficiency in the tools necessary to carry out their research
  • Students must achieve a thorough grounding in the theory and research methods of visual arts.
  • Develop an advanced understanding of the demands and expectations of the art profession and art field.
  • Broaden the knowledge of contemporary art and the understanding of the contexts of art.
  • Strong critical thinking in generating and solving problems in art on an advanced level.

Career Options

The scope and market potential for graduates of a Ph.D. in Visual Studies program may decide to work as artists or work in art-related careers in different industries. Possible options include:

  • Professor
  • Art Museum Director
  • Art Business Owner