Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Student of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design can build a foundation for a career as a graphic designer expert. In graphic design programs, graduates gain knowledge and skills in different software programs i.e. Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver etc to create visual messages. Students learn to create logos, brochures, interactive media and artwork for both print and online applications. Graduates can work with advertising agencies, design firms or in the art departments of a variety of industries.

Course Topics

In a BFA program in graphic design, Coursework can include:

  • Typography
  • Publication
  • Color theory
  • Drawing
  • Computer graphics

Learning outcomes

Graphic design field is one of the most famous BFA program. BFA students are expected to demonstrate

  • clear and cohesive solutions to design problems in a variety of media
  • Effective use of color in their portfolio work
  • Understanding of visual forms and their aesthetic functions
  • Skill in the use of drawing media and the ability to translate observation to image
  • Knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques, technologies, and processes sufficient to work from concept to finished product.

Popular Career Options

Graphic design graduates should have the technical expertise to qualify for advanced-level positions within design and publishing firms. Career options available to bachelor’s holders might include:

  • Design director
  • Creative manager
  • Creative director
  • Technical illustrator
  • Multimedia design and production
  • Web design artist and programmer
  • Print media layout artist
  • Photoshop artist.