Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design

When we look at product and service creation and development, things are changing at such a rapid pace; that we can say, the industrial revolution of the 21st century has begun. The bachelor’s degree in industrial design is an introductory program available to cope up with industrial change. This program helps in achieving competitive advantage in manufacturing sector as well as in attaining long term customer relationship.

Bachelor of Design in Industrial design is a 4-year degree program. Students learn to apply problem-solving, visualization and technological skills to develop innovative form and appearance of a range of industrial products. Graduate of Industrial design can improve products and create new ones to enhance our interaction with the world around us.

Main Subjects

Required core courses may include:

  • Design Visualization
  • Drawing
  • Design Prototypes
  • Design History
  • Dimensional Design

Skills Obtained

On completion of 4-year degree program, students will be able to obtain following skills:

  • Able to attract and retain customers by providing better quality goods and services
  • Should possess strong analytical skills to create and execute design solutions problems in the form of new products and services.
  • Can creatively design a wide variety of products and services to build long term customer relationship.
  • Have the ability to develop new innovative techniques. 

Career Options

Job titles students are qualified for after completing 4-year program may include:

  • Industrial designer
  • Product designer
  • Automotive designer