Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Religious studies is an undergraduate degree. It offers a broad education in the areas of different religions. Typically, Religious degree will be sought by those individuals who are interested in serving as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, youth leaders, worship coordinators, or in other forms of local church ministry. Alternatively, some graduates go on to careers in the fields of education, counseling,law media and writing.

Main Subjects

Much of the coursework emphasizes the cultural aspects of religion, emphasizing how value systems and religious beliefs change by geographic region and time period.  These courses may include

  • Ethics and religion
  • History of religion
  • Comparative religion

Career Opportunities

As a graduate with a Religious Studies degree you might want to consider the following career possibilities.

  • Administrator
  • Advice Worker
  • Counselor
  • Journalist
  • Social Worker
  • Professor/Teacher
  • Youth & Community Worker.