MFA in Dance

Dance is the study of rhythmic movement of the body used as a means of creative expression. Successful completion of this program will enhance the student’s personal growth as well as technical development in ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. MFA in Dance prepares students to express ideas, feelings, and inner visions through inspiring dance performances. Graduates may also use a dance degree to pursue opportunities as choreographers or dance instructors.

Main Coursework

The MFA in dance curriculum is comprised of approximately 2-3 years to complete. Dance specialization coursework include:

  • Dancing bio-mechanics
  • Teaching methods for dance
  • Advanced Ballet
  • Dance technology and media
  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Movement Analysis

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the courses in this discipline, the student will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of dance technique, classroom etiquette, dress, and process
  • Understand the use of space, line, placement and musicality
  • Demonstrate the technical proficiency and artistic expressiveness

Popular Career Options

Once students obtain dance specialized degree, They will be able to look for jobs based on the dance education they received .See below for some of the career options for students with degrees in dance

  • Private Studio Ownership
  • Dance Critic
  • Professional Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Dance Educator
  • Artistic Director