MFA in Musical Arts

Master’s degree program in music education prepares students to improve pedagogical and musical technical skills; it also provides an overview of current issues in education.Graduate programs in music education incorporate music history and philosophy courses in addition to significant practical training.

Most master’s programs are flexible and can be completed in 1-3 years. Currently licensed teachers may pursue their graduate degrees on campus or online, but those without certification generally must enroll in classroom-based programs.

Program Coursework

Students of master’s degree programs in music education can choose a specialization, such as choral or instrumental music, based on their background and interest.  Specific training depends upon the student’s area of interest, and a thesis project is typically included in the curriculum. Topics include:

  • Philosophy of music education
  • Developing curriculums
  • Choral conducting
  • Instrumental conducting
  • Music history and theory
  • Music education research
  • Teaching music