Literature Education

Degree Programs in Literature

         Bachelor of Arts in Literature

Literature undergraduate degree programs include extensive studies in British and American literature, poetry and drama. Writing-intensive, programs generally require students to conduct literary research and to develop critical thinking and writing skills.

        Master of Arts in Literature

Master of arts in Literature offered  concentration areas like comparative, British and world literature, includes studies in drama, poetry and literary criticism. The curriculum also covers subjects like linguistics, creative and technical writing . Students learn about literary movements in the United States and Europe, common themes in American and British literature, along with studying the works of major authors.

        Ph.D in Literature

A Ph.D. in Literature  requires extensive study of historical and modern literary texts, such as novels, essays, poems and narrative documents. Students are encouraged to study literary material from several sources and nationalities.

Literature Ph.D. candidates select a specialization, such as medieval literature, ancient Greek literature or Italian literature.

Main Subjects

  • Poems, Poetry, Worlds: An Introductory Course
  • Literature as Performance
  • Modern fiction
  • Writing short stories
  • Analyzing literature
  • World literature

Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to interpret a literary text in a non-native language
  • Ability to compare literary texts from different linguistic traditions, which may be read in translation.
  • A self-reflective understanding of the critical process necessary to read and understand texts.
  • Skills in writing effectively about literature.
  • Skills in oral communication and public speaking about literature.