Linguistics Education

Degree Programs in Linguistics

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Linguistics majors study people’s social, physical and cognitive development of language skills. Bachelor’s degree programs offer a foundation for advanced study or entry-level employment in a variety of career fields.

Master of Arts in Linguistics

Students enrolled in a master’s degree program  learn how to apply knowledge of advanced linguistic, study cross cultural linguistic tools, gain an understanding of the nature of language and analyze ethnographic research methods.

Linguistics graduate degree program in  linguistics is designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical background in the study of language.

Ph.D. in Linguistics

Ph.D. students of Linguistics normally interested in research careers. Doctoral students might choose to study neuro-linguistics,computational linguistics, socio-linguistics, forensics and historical linguistics.

Course work

  • Introduction to Language and Linguistics
  • The Art of Writing
  • Introduction to Morphology & Syntax
  • Introduction to Semantics
  • Transformational Syntax
  • Research Methods in Language Studies
  • Language Materials Development
  • Theories of Language and Communication
  • Historical Linguistics

Learning Outcome

Students gain knowledge of how language is used as a primary tool of human communication, and coursework includes breaking down words into their most basic parts to uncover how language is formed.