Bachelor in Classical Studies

Bachelor’s degree  in classical studies is a 4-year program, students can learn about ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, literature, religion, culture, architecture and art. By the time a student graduates, they are expected to have a working knowledge of both Greek and Latin language. In the fourth year of most programs, students usually choose a specific area of interest.

Program Coursework

Coursework in a typical bachelor’s degree program in classical studies is divided evenly between Greek and Latin studies. A few examples of courses include:

  • Ancient Greek mythology
  • Introduction to Latin
  • Introduction to Greek
  • Works of Plato and Aristotle
  • Greek tragedy and comedy

Popular Careers

Many graduates holding a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies may  pursue careers in academia. However, there are other careers related to classical studies to choose from. A few examples are:

  • Linguist
  • Sociologist
  • Researcher