Classical Studies Careers

Most classical studies programs focus on Greek and Latin languages as well as studies in cultural antiquity and ancient history. Individuals in this field usually acquire skills in linguistics, cataloging, document preservation and analytical research. Such skills overlap in multiple job fields, including medicine, law, business and social sciences.

Career Options

Archivists who wish to specialize in antiquity may only need a graduate degree in classical studies as well as additional training related to document organization and preservation techniques.

Curators also have multiple graduate degrees to accommodate a wider range of job duties. Performing both administrative and archival tasks. Some employers prefer curators to possess a doctorate degree, especially at active research museums.

Anthropologist many anthropologists with a classical studies background examine artifacts and documents from ancient Greece to determine societal practices and human behaviorisms of that era.

 Eligibility Criteria

While one can choose any of the above profession with only a bachelor’s degree, to become a full-fledged professional, requires a master’s or doctorate degree.

Most universities report that classical studies students obtain skills in analytical thinking and research that are necessary to find employment as either a museum archivist or curator.