Overlap between science and technology

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Science seeks to explore and discover what exist in the natural world. It is concerned with the processes that seek out the meaning of the natural world. It is also concerned with reliable fact finding about the phenomena happening in nature, using some form of scientific methods.


Technology seeks to modify and control the natural world, it is a process by which we modify nature to meet our needs. It is the industrial art of designing and developing the material objects of human use from the natural world’s resources.

Overlaps between the two

As the terms science and technology are mostly coined together, most of us are confused about the relationship between the two. While science seeks to discover the natural world in its real form, the technology seeks to alter or modify the natural world. Despite being so different in their individual role, they exist together as coherent fields with their common interests linked with the natural world hence they need to coexist with partial dependency on each other to achieve their ultimate goals.

This symbiotic association between the two results in an overlap in the area of applied science where science is providing the problems/projects and thoughts and technology is extending our abilities for their practical solutions through innovation, invention and design. Such overlaps can be observed in agriculture, engineering, health sciences, communication, transportation etc:


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