Business an education and career field:

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If we look around ourselves the world as we know it in the present time is all about cars, billboards, shopping, fitness clubs, restaurants, entertainment, mobiles and the list goes on. Upon scrutiny one can easily realize that almost everything in this world has become a business commodity, entity, opportunity or necessity.

For example take cars; they have become an essential need in the lives for commuting in the modern world and because of that we have an automobile industry which produces cars; resulting in creating millions of jobs around the world.

Similarly billboards are another example of business industry that forms a part of the advertising industry; where needs are created by businesses in the minds of the public, resulting in an increase of spending by an individual on a variety of products which are from some different industries, and this gives birth to another business industry called supply and chain.

It now seems that business activities have become directly or indirectly an integral part of our daily life, as they tend to fulfill our needs and wants and at the same time give us a chance to work and prosper in our working career.

In present times understanding the value of business studies is very crucial because it will not be wrong to say that the survival of the current world economy rests on the business activities taking place around us.

So to understand business as a caeer2select;– the diagrams here show some of the key areas of business education/career which are part of a business activity taking place around us and the resources needed in a business activity.





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