Textile & Fashion Design Industry

With an increasing demand for innovative and creative fashion trends, textile and fashion designing are one of the most popular upcoming careers. Students interested in a career in textile and  fashion design, must enroll in textile and fashion design professional courses to gain expertise in various areas of this industry as garment manufacturing, textile science, clothing construction techniques, fabric dyeing and printing, color mixing and computer-aided design.

Careers in Textile & Fashion Design

The global field of fashion design provides various career options for professionals at any level. Some fashion design professionals can work as

  • Fashion Forecasters
  • Fashion Product Developers
  • Fashion Journalists
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Fashion Illustrators
  • Costume Designer
  • Clothing Manufacturing Engineer
  • Textile & Fashion Designer

To enter in the Textile & Fashion Design Industry a degree with majors in fashion design, clothing and textile would be sufficient. The professional degree program in Fashion Design provides comprehensive education in the elements of the fashion industry that involve the creation of clothing and offers a broader fashion focus.