The bachelor in commerce is offered in a limited number of countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. However it is equivalent to fields of BBA, B.Sc and BS and candidates can further pursue their masters in different fields. B.com is an aspiring and challenging program which covers all possible areas of general business.

The most popular fields of Business in which one can a acquire a Bachelor in Commerce degree are:

Skills Acquired

 This program delivers students with both soft and hard managerial skills

  • Preparation on accounting notes and statements
  • Computer skills
  • Effective writing skills in  business massages
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Being able to plan, organize, and write business documents
  • Analyze the economic activity related to the business
  • Analysis and application of research methods

Popular career choices

 This degree prepares you for many diverse options, some of them are

  • Management Executive
  • Admin Officer
  • Manager Administration
  • Admin Support Agent
  • Assistant Manager