Accountant by the word suggests practicing accounts be it preparing any particular company’s profit and loss statement, balance sheet, calculating financial ratios, making cash flow statements and the list goes on.

Accountants as profession is divided of two categories and within these categories there can be are further more divisions.



 A cost accountant’s job is to prepare and report financial and non-financial information that helps managers, directors in an organization to make decisions to achieve central organizational goals

Concentrates on reporting to external parties that can be individuals outside the organization or organizations this type of activity is usually done by accountants who are termed as the auditors. Financial accountants measure and record business transaction and provide financial statements that are prepared taking into account the accepted accounting principles. The financial statements are usually issued to investors, government regulators and other tax authorities


Eligibility criteria to work as an accountant is to take majors in accounts, finance or business studies with specialized in accounts field. Initially you enter as a junior accountant mostly in the form of Management trainee which is a position for fresh graduates in an organization, where you are provided with the relevant training to commence real office work and then depending on your performance you are provided with the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder.

So the account profession step ladder looks something like this …